Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanks Giving

One of our volunteers at the library says "Thanks for all the fun and games" when she's getting ready to go home. Another one I like from her is: "If I had been born smart instead of beautiful..."

So our Thanksgiving was spent in the big city of Boston, with family on both sides, and notably missing was Jake's last living grandma. Still, there were 22 people gathered around two tables, lots of reaching and talking over, serving and passing, laughing, relaxed, fun people who welcome anyone, if they're up for the experience. No they won't care if you don't dress up, or spill gravy on your shirt. The boys spent time with their only cousins (2nd cousins), playing video games and riding scooters. We ate seconds on dessert because we had to, with one cherry pie, two pumpkin, two apple, one cranberry, one pecan, and Helen's fudge cake.

I guess I'm over my fear of pie crust, officially.

We visited the New England Mobile Bookfair, which I love to hate for the fact of its absurd method of organizing books by PUBLISHER, then alphabetically. Really, just take a moment to imagine yourself navigating this sprawling footprint and tall shelves, with absolutely no prayer of finding the book you want unless you 1) ask for help or 2) look the title up on a computer to find the publisher's name, and 3) then try to find where in the store that publisher is located. Can you imagine a library organized this way?!
It's better to go there with nothing in mind, and let chance decide for you. As in the above title, bought purely on the title, because I happened by it, and on the fact that it was the recipient of numerous international awards including the 2007 French Librarian's Award for Culture. I love it so far.
Finally, on a 3 mile walk around Newton with my dad and stepmom onThanksgiving Morning. A sign I have always loved and the light was perfect.


  1. Very beautiful photography I must say. You take a lovely shot. Have lovely photography envy.

  2. Oh my goodness. Pies, books and a walk? I'm in awe of your Thanks Giving! The photographs bring the words and images to life of your wonderful familial gathering. Thank you for including us in your moments and days. It does the soul good.


    P.S., I love the idea of a tea towel cafe apron. Possibilities quickly come to mind. Functional and funky! Do it, Iris!

  3. Iris,
    I finally had a chance to sit and catch up on all I have missed in your blogland, and I must say I feel so much better! And so inspired. I want to be able to participate in every project you all are doing at school and library and art everywhere! I also wanted to let you know about some aprons I find inspiring...they can be found at the kitsch'n glam website ( Maybe we can get together and sew aprons sometime? I love you and am so impressed by your beautiful blog. You are so inspiring! Love, Hannah

  4. That pie should be in a magazine, the pastry looks THAT perfect.

  5. delicious!! satisfying both my hunger for decadent pie and for decadent book shopping through piles of reader treasure. The book sounds wonderful. The pie crust? PERFECT!