Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Home Day!

Tea and a scone, apple cinnamon (made by Husband at Home, while I lazed about in bed).

A few days at home and I am feeling so full again, ready to face the next few days out in the world. Today there is a lot of subtle straightening, laundry (all parts of the process), putting away of random items, hanging pictures that have languished too long unhung (or in the wrong place on the wall), etc. I have one Alewives Fabrics Vinyl Shopping Bag almost done, pictures soon.

The busy autumn nature table, by Sylvan:

I washed and hung up the wool items, in the warm dining room. Kids' woolie long johns and my favorite hand-knit socks:
I spent a lot of time trying to locate sandpaper to make the edges of this heart smooth, for a newly-turned (today!) 2 year old. Still haven't found any.
I sharpened some pencils. I know that sounds silly, but I am the only person in this house who seems to think that sharp pencils matter. And it also seems I am the only one who ever thinks about sharpening them:
In blogger news...
Ravenhill's Lilly got the tiny purse (remember, that's what started me on the sewing thing?) I sent! And a little Blij Als Mij inspired bookmark.

Erna, of Blij Als Mij, posted a teaser picture on her blog of the 100th post ATC project! Here it is in process...Can't wait to get a look in their finished form. Thanks for playing, Erna.

And finally, check out this post from PinkCrowStirrings. My girl Carrie in Chicago rocked the Obama acceptance speech last Tuesday, yup she heard it in person. And I love her photo of the swarming celebrants.

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  1. Sounds like a most delightful day at home! Sylvians nature table is so pretty!
    ~Emily xxx