Sunday, November 30, 2008

100th Post!

Detail: Art in the Mail.

Remember back in October when I saw the 100th post milestone approaching? I decided to celebrate with an ATC Jam! Well those little chickens are coming home to roost now. (Remember, I made up the backgrounds and then sent them along to arty friends to add their bit, and then they sent them along to one of their arty friends, and now the cards are finished and back with me. I will send one card back to each of the artists who worked on the series!) I decided NOT to ModPodge the cards, which is the usual finishing process I add, because of the uncertainty of the materials...not knowing if a pen is smudge-proof, etc....and NOT wanting to ruin any little bit of this.
The cards are trickling in, some still in process, so I will update this post as they come in. Here's what I have to date, on November 30:

Art in The Mail
Iris, Amanda, Caroline

Do the thing that you think you cannot do. ~E. Roosevelt

Iris, Robinsunne, Ginny

Oh My Goodness! Beauty Abounds!
Iris, Carrie, Ella/Jenny
December 6~

Iris, Kimberly, Joanie

Dutch Apple Love

Iris, Erna, Kristel
(interested in ordering your own unique handmade stamp? this new-to-me blogger can help!)

And so, art friends near and far, keep me in mind for the art adventures of your own dreams. I like to play along and hope that Santa is bringing me more hours in the day.


  1. These are fantastic, Iris! What a wonderful celebration of your 100th post. Total mail love, isn't it? Puts a more positive spin on what became "snail mail." Enjoy! XO, Ana

  2. Oh the Eleanor R. line is a gem.
    Is that perfect quote the mark of Robinsunne or the touch of our favorite SPL, Iris, we wonder?
    Art in the Mail is our personal fave.
    Kudos to all, and to Iris on her 100th blog.
    Honored to participate and thanks for sharing.
    Onward and Upward,
    Jenny & Ella

  3. OH WOW!! I love cards and stationary sooooo much. These are so lovely and fun and how wonderful their story! The building of them reminds me of the art style of Gina Katkin at You might like her stuff, check it out!