Thursday, November 20, 2008

Got My Vinyl Mojo On

Here's the golden light of middle November, 4:50 pm, on a very chilly day.

From the title of this post, you may be expecting pictures of some kind of wacky 1970s swinging outfit. Sorry to disappoint.
What I mean to say is that this afternoon I rewarded myself with some fabric preparation time, after a full morning of being quite productive on my schoolwork. My second go-round with the iron-on vinyl for the next Alewives Fabrics Reusable Shopping Bag was positive. I am learning how to best tame the vinyl animal. Working at the kitchen counter helped. Having two very busy and creative boys, drawing for hours on a collaborative city also helped.
Good lighting ALWAYS helps. You're saying, well, DUH.

Here's the nest of scraps at the end of my work period:
Now, to make supper for my two boys and one beloved extra. Maybe I will get a shower sometime today. Vacuuming, maybe not.


  1. You have GOT to love the vinyl. I can't wait to see the finished project.

    And PS, congratulations on your next round of schooling!

  2. Iris, your photos are so pretty, even when of scraps that your scissors left behind.

    There's a rumor goin' round that people who walk into your house wish they never had to walk back out again.

    I'll bet it's true. I'll betcha a big, rich Chocolate Beet Cake that it's waaaaay true!

  3. Leave it to Iris to keep even her scraps looking tidy...and then to go on to cook dinner and be thinking about vacuuming?

    On that note I'm thinking of posting another "Today's Desk" entry because right now it is a DISASTER!