Sunday, November 16, 2008

Reusable Shopping Bag # 1

Well, hooray! It's done, my little free pattern from Alewives Fabrics. My first foray into reusable shopping bags is complete, and just handed off to a very dear friend as an early Christmas present. Why postpone joy?

The iron-on vinyl was a little fussy, but I didn't hyperventilate. Too much.

If this bag doesn't help you remember your reusables when you head off shopping, I am not sure what will. And to boot, I think it might actually inspire a new kind of verve in the grocery store.


  1. Oh, it's wonderful, Iris! I love the fabrics & the detail. Those who receive these luscious bags will surely have a super shopping adventure. And I totally like that you gave one early. That is so up my alley! :) XO...Ana

    P.S., Can't wait to see the Amy Butler!

  2. SO PRETTY!! I'm a big supporter of the reusable shopping bag, but none of mine are so special (or handmade) as this.

    YES, I'm the Chocolate Beet Cake girl! And finally had some a couple weeks ago, compliments of Sue.

    I am very happy to be keeping up with you and your wonderful projects and happenings, Iris. Very happy indeed!

  3. So beautiful Iris! I MUST start sewing!!!!

  4. I love it Iris - I MUST start sewing!! you're an inspiration! (by the way my goolgy blog name is mamanunu .... a.k.a. numandy.... your milly molly mandy)

  5. Wow, Iris, your blog is beautiful!

    Your tote turned out amazing: I love how you used the smaller print on the inside of your bag. I have been waiting to do something with it but wasn't quite sure what and this was very inspirational.

    The post about the store was lovely! You make us look so good. Thanks and I will be a frequent visitor now that I have found your blog.

  6. I've always been curious about iron-on vinyl and it looks so cool that I think I will have to finally give it a go.

    And I just tagged you to play book tag on my blog- hope you don't mind playing along!

  7. What absolutely gorgeous fabrics. Nice job, lovely bag - the veges have never had it so good

  8. It is georgous! You inspire me ... I have been wondering how to change my mind about grocery bags. I might make mine without the vinyl so that I can wash them - mine always get so dirty ... and the canvas ones are sturdy, but hard to wash: so: of COURSE! make them from 2-ply broadcloth and they are easier to wash and cute to boot.

    I like your idea about grocery store fashion statements.