Friday, November 7, 2008

Filling up on inspiration

Today was my weekend! Mama Time spent with one of my nearest and dearest partners in all things creative, Joanie. We went down to lovely Damariscotta Mills to Alewives Fabrics (a blog also, and soon to be online with their inventory!) to fill up our souls with color and stock up on some inventory for holiday gifts. Gorgeous homemade reusable shopping bags---free pattern! And you can make any fabric spill-proof with this nifty iron-on vinyl:
Here are some bags waiting to be made---you may recognize some fabric from the stash:The store is so nicely arranged and well-lit, check out this Amy Butler heaven:
These folks have lots of classes, and in one of them they are working on a simple quilt, the Turning Twenty Quilt:
You buy a stack of 20 fat quarters, like this, and you are ready to get started:
This stack, above, had us thinking of Nikki McClure and her amazing papercuts and color choices. And it's the stack I kept going to, even though my bedroom would be happier with a more greeny-blue palette. I bought the pattern and am contemplating dipping my toes into a BIG sewing project like this quilt, since ours is now threadbare and showing its cotton batting. (Now, see, this is just what good retail therapy should be about!)

By the time I have grandchildren (and we hope for at least one girl), maybe I will be ready to make things that have to actually fit a person. How's this for adorable?
There were books, too...Sigh. And cute Amy Butler little notebooks and Lotta Jansdotter (remember her from this post?) notecard sets.
Such a great mood in the place, and honestly, who wouldn't be a happy worker, surrounded by all that color, working on sewing projects between customers?! Here are my piles and bolts, getting ready to check out:
I am all filled up and itching to get started, ready to go to work tomorrow, and ready for Sunday through Tuesday single-parenting with kids home from school (conference day and Vet's day).
I feel so lucky.


  1. WOW! I love the fabrics you picked out. And the shop looks DELICIOUS! What a lovely outing and yummy gifts that will be fun to make. Live it up!

  2. oh, how alive-and-inspired this post makes my deeply-rooted domestic side feel. Yes, yes...the color, the fabric, the possibilities! I sooooo long to make a quilt someday and have yet to try. Thank you for making me want to try. Beautiful photography!

  3. Iris!!! This is wonderful! You have really converted! :D You were the ACEO godess and now seemed to have wholy embraced fabrics and sewing!!! Thank you for taking me with you to one of my favorite shops! Oh, how I wish it was in person and not just virtually. I wonder if they still have silks and stacks of small remnants for $1.00 each?

    I got your wonderful package! I am sorry to have been slow to tell you. Thank you Iris! You are so sweet!!! WE all loved what you sent. I will post about it very soon.

    Happy weekend!
    Emily xxx