Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day

"Yellow Cape House dress/thirty years loved, then passed on/for another's use."

On Monday, Jake's last living grandma died at 100 years old. Trudy had just about the most lovely death you could imagine, surrounded by her four children, two of their spouses, and one grandson (Jake); as she died they were holding her, speaking encouraging words, and giving their love. What a gift that Jake was there with her. The whole last day of her life (she was sleeping), she had a full hospital room of her kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids coming and going, rubbing cream on her hands and feet, laughing and joking, sharing stories of her life.

For Jake's whole life, whenever he visited the family home on Cape Cod, Trudy wore a yellow shirt-waist dress. The dress meant summer days and lots of cousins and family, the beach and ice creams. I knew her in the dress there as well, and one year remarked to her that I always thought of her in that dress at the Cape. She replied, "You know, I finally gave that dress to the Goodwill. I was just sick of seeing myself in so many pictures in it, but it had plenty of use left in it for someone else." A true Yankee who had lived as an adult through the Depression, she never wanted to throw something away that might still be useful.

Below, inspired by a Neruda poem, a child wrote these words:
"Where did the star leave its book tonight?"

And look at these gifts from friends...
Robinsunne noticed my delight at this lovely stamp she made, so she stamped me up some cards for my "crafting pleasure!" They came in their own pocket on an ATC.

And Emily, of Ravenhill, was actually on this continent and right in my neighborhood, but we weren't able to connect this visit! But we managed to pass each other some lovelies anyway. I sent her some ATCs and she sent me a little gift bag with one of her most special Babushka dolls inside! I am thrilled. Ravenhill has an Etsy site also, if you'd like to see more. Did you know that in Norway there is a saying: There is no bad weather, only bad clothes? I love it, and learned it from Emily's blog!

I am disappointed that my camera cannot really capture the details, but I think you can see that there is some delicate applique and embroidery, not to mention a delightful mix of colorful fabrics.

Month of May Comment Give-Away!
So, yes, the commenting should be easier now, so I wonder if you'd like to leave one and have your name entered in a bowl for a "Thank you for Reading" ATC giveaway? In your comment, leave your name and email (if I don't have it) so that if you are the lucky winner I can let you know and find out how to send you your booty. I will draw four names, for the four weeks in this month! Just drop a little doesn't have to be fancy


  1. I love the way you describe things Iris, you have such a beautiful, inspiring way of looking at things. Much love to you all...

  2. Iris, I so loved hearing from you, your sweet card and the beautiful ATC's. I want to make some too!!! Next time I am home I will make sure that we will get together. Maybe we can try to organize a Maine crafty bloggers get-together?!

  3. what nice presents you received! I hope you don't mind but my little present is still 'under construction'. I've got your very nice atc's lately! thank you soo much! the children loved it too! I'll post about it soon!

  4. Iris

    Thank you for writing such a beautiful entry about our grandmother. She has blessed all of us by leaving so many cherished memories and valuable life lessons. Sharing those memories that you have will only ensure that her memory will forever go on. She will be missed in body, but forever living in spirit.


  5. Iris, I LOVE your story and ATC about grandma Trudy's yellow dress! How priceless is that? I am imagining the next owner of that yellow dress, doing housework somewhere and feeling like that dress is home because its been worn in in all the right places. Can't you picture some woman scrubbing on her knees in that dress? Like in the movie Chocolat?