Thursday, May 15, 2008

In the Garden and Other Places

"I'm not your guru...You are."

This is the week of Jake's class' play "The Music Man"---good old Americana, full of goofiness, and cheesy romance! The middle schoolers did so well, even with the smoochy parts (hidden demurely behind a parasol!). The exciting news is that our boys were "extras" for the big scenes, Jonas is a trombone-player in the Boys' Band! Sylvan is adorable in his costume, overalls with a button down shirt, bare feet, and a straw hat; especially endearing when he mouths along the lyrics with other characters.

I have had only a little time and energy to make cards this week. Yesterday was a big push to get the garden planted...finally, after feeling like I needed to relax (well, actually I was working more at the library) after my semester ended. So I planted kale, chard, salad greens, cukes, brussels sprouts, peas, and nasturtiums. So today I am sunburned and sore, but feeling virtuous again. I will get a picture soon, when there are things popping up!

Remember, leave a comment and have your name entered in the ATC Giveaway contest! This is my thanks to you for reading. Imagine my little cards getting to take a big trip to somewhere in this big world! I will draw four names at the end of May, yours could be one of them...

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  1. Well done to get so much planting done! You and your family will be so happy to have all those delicious greens!
    Delightful tea ACEO!
    Hugs from Emily xxoo