Monday, May 5, 2008

The Sun is Shining, The Grass is Green

This past weekend we had two performances of "Awakening Mother Earth" by the Terra Diddle Collective, presented by the Rockport Public Library; the play was conceived of, directed by, and written by Kathryn Oliver---and what a success! The play tells the story of spring in verse, with song, dance, drumming, and musical accompaniments, and with lots of nature spirits and elemental beings! Kathryn is an amazing visual artist who works with clay and makes an incredible garden; she designed most of the costumes and created all of the sets too. I was shepherding our chorus of 4, my older boy Jonas was one of the North Winds, and my younger boy Sylvan was a little garden gnome who passed out programs and also held up a Peace banner at the end. Here is a link to the Wind Scene: Jonas is the hula hooper at left, and if you look behind you can see me and my chorus in the background (also at left). And if you really want cute, check out Sylvan and his best buddy (also a garden gnome) here. Check out Marti Stone's site to browse her many other beautiful photos of the event; click on each album and browse through at your leisure.

I wanted to show you some of my new beautiful origami paper. I have hesitated to even use it until I showed you! How can I ever cut into this? They are like gorgeous kimono print fabrics.

These are two favorites, like wallpaper:
And these, as well:

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  1. What gorgeous papers, I have been collecting the Japanese fabrics and now you are collecting Japenese papers. I am trying to remind myself that if I cut and use then I can have reason to purchase more. I don't usually encourage consumerism but when it comes to art and supplies I can't help it.

    I sure wish I could have been home for the performance! It souded wonderful and you must have been so proud of your boys. What a fun thing to be part of.

  2. wow that performance looks so colourfull and what a nice thing for the children to experience! is this related to the waldorf school?

  3. iris-
    those boys are looking wonderful in marti's pictures! looks like the performance was just lovely!

  4. Thanks for the link to the pics...WOW! The costumes look so delicious, and the wide shots of the whole stage are so beautiful! I loved flipping through the photos to see all of the kids, and especially loved it when I spied an Eichenlaub!