Sunday, May 18, 2008

Birthday and Baseball!

Today is Jake's birthday. The above cake was full of delicious egg yolks from our hens. Instead of "If life gives you lemons, make lemon curd," my new motto is "If life gives you lots of eggs, make cake, pie, and lemon curd!" We had banana cream pie, too. The cake above is a lemon cake, with lemon curd overflowing like a pretty yellow skirt, and white frosting. Below, check out the delicious yellow color of the lemon curd: Below, Little Red Hen eating sunflower seeds off of my fork at Jake's birthday party. Jonas recommends listening to it without sound, as there is loud music and inconsequential chatter in the background.

AND...Today was also the first scrimmage of Sylvan's Tee Ball team. Yes, the American past-time! He is #4:
In right field: In the dugout:
Sylvan's first At-Bat----number 1 in the batting order!

Today, everyone got on base (even when they got tagged out), sometimes the players needed to have the bat taken out of their hands and shooed off to first base, sometimes the players slid onto base even thought they didn't need to, and everyone won. The three innings lasted over an hour, and that felt a little long to the players and spectators. Here's me any my twinkly older boy, watching the game:


  1. Happy birthday Jake! The cake looks so yummy!
    Sylvan's such a handsome little guy in his uniform. In the dugout picture he SO has Jake's eyes. Love the artful shot of Mom & Jonas! I'll be in touch when I get back to Chicago (still in Fl).

  2. 1. i love jake saying 'run sylvan run run'!
    2. cutest tee ball star ever!
    3. will you teach a girl how to make lemon curd?
    4. you and jonas are the sweetest eyes!