Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New! Comments made easier!

My boy, sifting flour for cupcakes!

New and improved, easier commenting is enabled! Try it out and see if it works. I changed some settings so that those of you who have been thwarted or bored by the whole "sign in and create a password" nonsense can freely comment now. I am hoping this will mean that more of you that are reading this blog will not be shy and leave a little note sometime. In fact I am scheming about some kind of give-away ATC for commenters in May...Stay tuned.

Mosey Handmade
You may have noticed a new "Favorite Stop" over at the right, called Mosey Handmade. Mosey is actually a blogger who is sort of nearby to me and what's even more fun is that she's someone I already know (and love) in the physical world, and now I know her in the land of virtual also! She makes these lovely nests and lots of upcycled felted-sweater crafts and other items of beauty. Mosey has an Etsy site and some of her nests have found their way to Renegade Handmade in Chicago. She's getting ready to open a store in June, location I am not totally sure of yet...so keep watching her blog for updates. I sure will be!

ATC Make and Swap, Tomorrow!
Yes, tomorrow, Wednesday night at 6 p.m. we'll be cramming our crafty selves into the Rockport Public Library for another couple of hours of community art-making. Try this link to look at some of the photos of past events---there's even some action shots! Come join us, it's fun, it's cozy, and we'd love to have you there.


  1. What a perfect picture of Sylvan! You hsve such a beautiful family.

  2. iris- you are too kind!
    and yes- cute photo of sylvan sifting!!!