Friday, April 25, 2008

We're Crafty!

I love hanging my clothes on the line. This was the first time this year, today!

Our Beautiful Kitchen!
Back in February we sent the boys away and worked on our kitchen for a few days. We had the cabinet doors replaced by a friend, and Jake and I painted the insides and the surrounding edges of the cupboards. The big work was boxing up all of the kitchen stuff and carrying it out of the work area...we have something like 30 cupboards!

My creative husband had the idea to use natural stones for door handles. Since February we have been handle-less in the kitchen, while he figured out how to mount them, order the hardware, drill them, epoxy, etc. Well, now it's done and it's lovely. Martha Stewart can eat her heart out for not being as cool as we are.

Jonas requested that the heart-shaped stone at right open his favorite cupboard, the one that has the crackers and pretzels:
Are you wondering where these amazing stones came from? Our dear friend Aaron was so kind to part with them! They are from Lake Champlain in Vermont. The lake makes them so interesting and different. Some have thicker lines, some have lots of tiny lines. Thanks, Aaron!They feel so nice in your hands. Opening the cupboards is a little bit exciting/surprising and tactile now.Here are the handles we chose for the drawers:

Below, Jonas uses pastels to beautify some old pallets in the yard:This is a rose, at right:
Two young farmers at work, making the garden weed-proof around the edges:
The bluebirds are back! Sialis is the Latin name for the Eastern Bluebird, and also Sylvan's middle name:Isn't the bluebird stamp lovely? I made this card yesterday during my art date with Kimberly. We had a 3 mile walk, lots of chatting, and even had time to make cards together at her wonderful farm. Hooray! So much to celebrate.


  1. WOW!!!! The stone handles are begorguous. I want to touch them RIGHT NOW through the computer. Thank you so much for sharing. It's lovely to see what you're all up to.

  2. the kitchen is looking lovely!
    i love those 'imported' stones from lake champlaine!
    what a treasure to find you'd found my blog and now i yours!
    the atc's are amazing, i had never heard of them and had to read on.
    i love how they are just these little expressions.
    such lovely work iris!
    give sylvan a little pinch from me!