Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring Day in Maine

Hat by Joanie, from a pattern from Hats On! by Charlene Schurch.

Well, we are enjoying an afternoon of warm sun and playing, just Sylvan and me. He is busy digging a hole and discovering bits of rusty metal treasure and I am sitting by the woodshed door getting some sun on my white and pasty face.

This week I have been so excited to discover Staedtler Mastercarve, this really easy to cut substance to make your own rubber stamps with! I have been inspired by Jane and Robinsunne in my efforts thus far. I wanted to make a stamp for the backs of my cards that I could fill in with title and date information. It was hard to do the tiny letters. I am using my old carving set from my days at art school when I made woodblock prints. The tiniest scoop is still my most favorite.

And then I saw this beautiful card of Robinsunne's, a part of her alphabet series, and was inspired to try a stamp that would be a good background like hers:
Here is a picture of the Librarian's Boy, looking at Bone by Jeff Smith:
Isn't he handsome?

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  1. oh what a cute little guy reading there!!
    that stamps you made are wonderful!! nice hat too!