Friday, April 4, 2008

Once again, back in the place to be

"Recuperation Poetry series, 2/3" with poetry line by the Zen Master, Ikkyu: "Oh you poor sad thing thinking death is real all by itself."

...which is to say, I'm back in The Land of the Living (although, if you caught the reference in the title of this post and can name the artist who said it, I'll send you an ATC for getting it). All of those plans I had for last weekend went by the wayside because I got some nasty flu with a high fever for days. Thankfully, my boys, dad, and stepmom all took great care of me while Jake was gone. But you can't really be your absolute pathetic and worst self with anyone but your spouse. Many other friends stepped up, like Meikle, who came and got the boys on Friday in the middle of a snowstorm. And Joanie, who kept a steady flow of tea coming my way, reading material (including a book called If I Live to Be 100, which I found humor in when I was laying in my underwear trying to coax my fever down from about if I live for 5 more minutes?), healthy things and beauty things (a rosebud garland with beads and ribbon). What a lucky girl I am. But still so tired.

Below, find the "Recuperation Poetry Series" which I made on April 1st. This lovely thick gold origami paper, also from Joanie, feels so wonderful that I am not planning to cover it up with Mod Podge. The poems came to me from George, our beloved plumber (or as Sylvan calls him, George the Plunger), who gave me these catalogs from Copper Canyon Press. They are all Asian poets. Ikkyu, from the detail above, was a Zen Master who was not afraid to ruffle some feathers, the bio told me. Another line that I am saving for later talks about the statue of Buddha, covered in birdshit, and deserving it!

It was a big deal to make only these three, simple, easy cards that day. Harder still was hacking through cereal boxes to make more backings...

Remember my art date with Kimberly? She made this lovely card, below, that morning we were together! I particularly enjoy the border papers she chose. I have been keeping this lady on my kitchen window sill, the most preferred display spot in the house. The card has glitter Mod Podge on it, which seems to be glinting in this woman's teeth in this photo. Don't you love how she is holding that bowl of Cheerios? "If you are a radish not everyone will like you" just seems perfect. I know Hannah and her godson Sylvan would love me even if (especially?) if I was a radish. But then they would probably also eat me.
Finally, if you have been wondering what Robinsunne's special secret WOW technique was for March's meeting of ATC-lovers at the library, here is a small example, below. You can see the concept is like making snowflakes, except to fit on your card! This was a border technique she showed us. We were using tissue paper (easy to cut), and a lot of patience. I don't have the experience (or I suspect, the sort of brain) to be able to anticipate what the cuts I am making will end up looking like in the final product. Far from being frustrating, I found it somewhat liberating...and delightfully surprising each and every time, like Christmas! The background here is straight from the Garnet Hill catalog.

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