Thursday, March 27, 2008

Taking a Deep Breath

"...But she was typing her novel by the river" is the title of this one. Ironic since this weekend is husband-free (at an Association of Waldorf Schools of North America conference), and I will most certainly not be free of bouncing kids. Think of us, if you can, as I am pulling together lots of logistics involved with running the BookLovers' Cafe on Saturday (for which I make baked goods) and working all day at the library. The imported grandparental help for the day will be very grand indeed!

Though Jonas fell asleep over a half hour after his regular bedtime, missing dad and having a fit and crying, he set his jangly alarm clock for 5:30 so he could wake early and make ATCs. The Fit was because I was offering too much uninvited artistic advice, as he practiced the new technique we learned last night at the library ATC Swap event. Such unimportant hints like "don't try to erase on tissue paper, it will rip" (and it did). Sigh. So any pleasant helpful wishes for a peaceful weekend will be so appreciated.

"Few Eggs and No Oranges" is the cover of a book, republished by Persephone Books of the UK, and recycled by me from their catalog (generously shared by Joanie). The subtitle is: "A Diary showing how Unimportant People in London and Birmingham lived through the war years 1940-1945, written in the Notting Hill area of London by Vere Hodgson."

And if you were wondering, the Persephone catalog is where the wonderful image of the riverside typist comes from, too. Here's this from their website: "Persephone prints mainly neglected fiction and non-fiction by women, for women and about women. The titles are chosen to appeal to busy women who rarely have time to spend in ever-larger bookshops and who would like to have access to a list of books designed to be neither too literary nor too commercial." What's really nifty is that the endpapers of the books are all printed versions of vintage fabrics. Click on the link to view their list of titles; each has a swatch of the fabric by the listing!

Speaking of fabrics...
"Has marriage changed your habits in this?" above, could be for several people I love. But the title speaks to one person. And I wonder if she has an answer for me?

So, this quote from Gandhi is probably a perfect one, as I take my big deep breath in for the weekend: "There is more to life than increasing its speed." Another way of saying maybe it's more important to slow down than to actually get somewhere. The trick is getting to work on time on Saturday with homemade scones and biscuits in hand, in a work-ish outfit, with the children fed, their ski equipment in the car, outerwear located, etc. etc.


  1. Iris, you're such an inspiration -- I love that you continue making art while also raising your two boys. . . and that you make then a part of your work. So cool! You might really like this magazine I discovered when home at Christmastime: Venus Zine. It's very do-it-yourself/crafty-oriented (which I love) and also (as you'd guess from the title) is for GIRLS. Take care and thanks for writing!! xoxo, Hilary

  2. sorry -- i meant to write 'make THEM a part of your work. . . ' oops!

  3. Wow that sounds like a busy weekend. hope you found some time to relax as well!
    You asked for my address..please email me ernabeytut(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll send you.

    Have a nice day!

  4. And I think I'm busy!!! Remind Jake and the boys how lucky they are to have such an amazing Iris around.

    Hmmm...would that bed comment be directed toward me? Well, thanks to Martin I do now have a real bed with nothing on it but linens and us (and sometimes cats), but that trusty pile of clothes (and books, and empty water glasses, and whatever project I have going on, etc.) is always right beside MY side "just in case" ;)