Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Trading Cards with Friends

So far this week, no time for ATCs yet. I am hopeful that tonight Jonas will opt for art rather than reading aloud together, as I am eager to finish my series! But look at these lovely things coming my way...

This first, below, comes from dear Hannah. Notice the beautiful Tiffany window stamp, canceled, with a quote by John Adams "Let us dare to read, think, speak..." This one is so full of "my" colors, and I loved it at first sight---then to find out she was making it for me!
Below at left is a card Sophie made for me: "Sparkle, Shine, Glitter." I added a layer of sparkly Mod Podge, it seemed so fitting for her card. Then, lo and behold, in a catalog I came across "S is for Sophie" and had to make another card to send back her way! Although she is growing into such a sophisticated and lovely person, I hope she will still find fondness for tiny adorable girls with crowns on.
Finally, look what Jane made me! You may recognize this Babushka from Emily's blog; Jane printed the image in color, and added paint eyes that look like French knots, another matryoshka doll, AND a haiku:
Blogging, sharing art
Sharing my heART with you
Waiting to share yours
Happy days! Jane also gave me another amazing and lovely card, but so far the pictures I have taken are not doing it justice, so you'll have to wait. These are bright spots on a day that is wet and snowy, when I feel like spring inside. Our maple trees are tapped and I emptied the buckets for the first time today!

And I have been mailing some ATCs to other friends recently. What good are they, sitting in their plastic sleeves here at home? So, Tricia received hers in the mail and was happy! I love real mail! I am STILL waiting for some ATCs to come my way from Carrie, who has a blog of her own now...come on, girl, give me some mailbox lovin'!

According to Sylvan:
"You can't just grab someone and throw them in a wedding if they don't love you. It's like the law."


  1. I know, I know...sorry you've had to wait so long! No excuses...I promise it will be worth the wait. Much love! -c

  2. Sylvan's future: philosopher or lawyer?
    I'm hoping for snow on Saturday so I can hunker down and make more art.

  3. That Babushka card is so lovely! Of course I recognized it from Ravenhill :) Thanx for stopping by at my place and listing me on your blog!!
    You have wonderful the dollplay they did