Monday, March 3, 2008

More Fun Than You Can Shake a Stick At!

Above is "Happy Trails." What a score to find that Tintin bit in, of all places, Down East magazine!

Well, last Wednesday night was a huge success and loads of fun. Yes, on a snowy night 22 adults and 11 children braved the weather to attend the first meeting of the Swap Group at Rockport Library! We were flooding the stacks! Making art with neighbors, strangers, our friends, and kids in the library was pretty incredible. This month, we plan to have various tables and work areas set about through the library...Can't wait. I made the one below for Sylvan, who was sad not to come along.

Below, find one of Sylvan's very first ATCs! The picture of Radio City came off of a chocolate wrapper that Jonas had been saving... That provided a Fuss. Sylvan's drawing is of a person Fussing, not his brother though.

And to counteract any Fussing that happens, we turn to Buddha. Simple. Just PrismaColor pencils on a nice textured paper.
OK, well this fellow seems to have trekked his snowboard to Morocco. It's called "Somewhere in Morocco Without Snow," and I made it on this past Saturday when we were having a large storm of 8 or 10"!

This one, "The Way We Fall in Love," will be heading to NYC to beloveds Matt and Susan soon, when I can write them a card. The background is from a book by Peter Sis called Tibet: Through the Red Box. We are cutting it up because it had sat about for about ten years without anyone looking at it. It has amazing ATC potential however and we are loving it.
"Baroness Elsa," below, another simple one that almost made herself.
This one is called "Shake that Thang," because it is the hindquarters of an African Shield Beetle. Like a jewel...
Below is "Are You As Smart As You Think You Are?" The rest of the phrase is found on the reverse side. Jonas gave me the technique of colored-pencil border and it looks really nice on this one. Those little mountains are also from Peter Sis.
Finally, words by Amy Sedaris, from her book I Like You, as quoted in some magazine. Totally quirky and hilarious with the origami paper that Jonas purchased as the background, that Jake found hideous but is now warming up to:


  1. Hi Iris,
    I am loving your wording. I have been working so hard on the visuals that I have rather left the words out. I want to read the books that you do!
    The prototypes for the secret ATC art technique - to be revealed on the 26th at the Library - are coming along sooo well! You will love it. And I can't wait to see what the children do with this!
    Happy art - Robinsunne

  2. Iris, what fun this was to read! I never before understood why people blogged, but this is a lovely way to share. I looked at some of your links to friends, and got carried away going link to link. I'm going to make a special ATC for you based on what you've said.