Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More of My Ten Favorite Things

Above, is "#4: Making Stuff," like sushi, knitwear, handspun yarn, and delectable comestibles.

Above is "#5: Pretty Aprons," and I am wondering if this card should make its way to Holland to Erna?

Above, "#6: Tea and a Good Book," should come as no surprise to anyone. Yup, sitting peacefully near the woodstove keeping my eyes averted from the SNOW FALL (yes, today, right now, on March 19th, we are having more snow; I am ignoring it), with my book (About a Boy by Nick Hornsby, hilarious) and my tea (PG Tips).

Saturday ATC Swap Group
...will be starting at the Rockport Library on Saturday, April 12 from 2:30-4:30! Robinsunne and I will be alternating months when we facilitate/hostess the event, on the second Saturdays. We thought it might be nice for those folks who can't make Wednesday nights and/or want to bring the kids (and not have the next day be a school day!). I so appreciate having Robinsunne's enthusiasm and interest in sparking the creative juices of our community, and having a library director who is supportive about making the library a dynamic place for people to meet!

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  1. Mmmm...PG Tipps, not my go-to tea, but I do love it. It's great for a change (an added bonus: I always think of you when I sip it).

    I found my Nick Hornby collection scattered on 3 different bookshelves throughout my home (I could really use a librarian's help to get these things in order!).

    I'm really enjoying "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle". I'm so glad you mentioned it while we were on the phone. Ever since I picked it up in Michigan last fall it's been sitting on my ever-growing "to read" pile that is stacked next to my bed. I've only read the first two chapters, but funny that I began reading DURING the season she's talking about in the book...AWESOME. After the intensity of "Wicked" (from Martin) I had to go with some nonfiction, but up next is "Time Traveler's Wife"...I can't wait!

    Wow, this is more like an email...but it IS the intersection of you, tea, and good books, and how great it is to have you around letting me know about all of these great things. Love you much! -c