Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Sap is On the Woodstove

"Babushka Softy doll" by Erna

I have discovered another artist-mother-blogger from Holland, via Ravenhill's blogroll, called Erna. Erna's blog is called Blij Als Mij and if you don't speak Dutch, it translates to Happy Like Me. Erna has a fondness for beautiful fabrics and lovely handmade items, such as her Babushka Softy doll, pictured above. I was also quite fond of the Cupcake Apron she was making for an online swap, not to mention the adorable little Snow Drop dollies, pictured amidst greenery. Wonderful to connect and appreciate each other through this online community! Yay, Erna, I'll be watching for your upcoming swap!

Ten Things That Make Me Happy
The series that I began a couple of weeks ago is almost finished. After our art date with kids and Robinsunne, I was inspired to try using little envelopes on my cards. Also, this series has all rounded corners, which I have enjoyed trying. I was sad that I ran out of the dotty paper, but I found a suitable replacement in my stash! All cards include the Thing that Makes Me Happy written on the little tiny card inside each envelope. "#1: Color" (Needs no explanation!)
"#2: Treats" (That funny fruit in the upper righthand corner is a Mangosteen---have you ever eaten one? Let me know!) "#3: Mornings Alone" (The rice paper envelope is a little fussy.) I will be posting more entries to the series later. I am not sure I am pleased with #10 and may remake it. I guess I was feeling a lot of pressure to have it be extra-special, so of course it was more difficult than it should have been!

Special Evening...
Last night when I returned from work, such a surprise awaited me! Two identically dressed waiters (black turtlenecks, clip-on ties, aprons, and pajama bottoms) with twinkling eyes escorted me to the bathroom where a candlelit bath awaited. Yes, even floating candles IN the bath! The younger waiter stayed to pour water on my back and legs, tucking in his tie first! When I emerged, a pretty outfit was already laid on the bed for me to put on. The dining room was transformed with fresh flowers, more candles, special silver and tablecloth, and the table at a unique angle. The two waiters brought our salads, poured our wine and water, and then retired to the living room where the older waiter read-aloud to the younger. Lots of chortling giggles drifted our way! They cleared our plates, and brought our next course, then got themselves ready for bed. What a special date at home---thanks to my three special guys for making me a queen for the evening!
PS Blue pot in the background is sitting on the woodstove, boiling off the water from our maple sap.


  1. Wow, that sounds like such an amazing evening! Props to my boys (all 3) for all your planning and taking care of my girl!!! Lots and lots of love. - (Auntie) Carrie

  2. that's sooo sweet of you to make a post about my babushka :) thanx a lot!

    Nice blog you have!!

  3. Very very very cool - I'll tell you what! I am so proud of my grandboys for doing that - and that guy who lives with you!
    Love, Bumpa

  4. oh my. you are a lucky lucky lady.