Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

On Thursday afternoon (the boys' early release day) the boys felted eggs, around a plastic egg inside. So now we can snip them open, and make a cozy spot for something to sit...a little chick or a treat? Sylvan chose hot pink curly mohair, which looks pretty snazzy, with the tendrils curling off, while Jonas chose a variety of colors and even layered them, so the inside of the egg will be blue! The house was also filled with the aroma of hot cross buns baking that day.

Sock Update

Look at that heel! Yes, I have finally completed the instep gusset, my least-favorite part of sock-making. When trying to remember my location in the four rows of plain knitting between the ridgy bits, a created a mnemonic. Forget numbers, I'm an alphabet girl (librarian!): for the A row I think of Baby Alice; for the B row I have many choices, Barbarina, Bjorn, or Burleigh; for the C row I think of Carrie; for the D row, it's Dean, J.

"Spring Bird and Colors"
was one I made on my art date with Kimberly last Thursday (what a great day for being creative it was!). More to come later. Those yummy fabric bits at right come from the Boden catalog. I used to resent their sending me what seems like a catalog a week, but now I am thrilled...just more fodder to recycle into art!
"#10: Being Strong" is the final installment of the Ten Things That Make me Happy series. Not that there's only those ten, of course!
The Yogi tea fortune reads: Oneness is achieved by recognizing your true self.

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  1. Yea...Happy Easter! Love the eggs...and you don't have to ruin your artistic egg coloring job when you want to get inside! That was always such a tragedy to me, taking HOURS to layer colors and wax on eggs, only to have to crack them open after Easter. I always thought, "I should have asked Mom to blow this one out".

    Thanks for thinking of me for the C row! Love you so much!