Sunday, March 9, 2008

Some signs of spring!

The reluctant bulb...
This little bulb came to me via Joanie when I was sick back in January (she brought Joanie's Magic Tea, also). It didn't want to be wakened, however, so after a week I put it in a dark cupboard for more sleep. More time went by. I took it out of the cupboard and put it back on my windowsill. Still nothing...still sleepy. Finally, there was a little growth! And low and behold, last week these two flowers showed their bright shiny faces! So lovely, and not so noxious-smelling as the white version.

"Bad Morning..."
Jonas and I had a very bad morning the other day, culminating with him saying that he was going to throw away all of his ATCs. I didn't let him. I told him if he still wanted to when he got home from school, he could. He was probably over it by the time he left the car at school, but I hung onto it for so much longer! Through my work-out even! I knew what I needed to do was to make some art, but unfortunately I was Out all morning. But when I returned home and got down to it, the thing pretty much made itself because I had already made it in my head. Anyway, he didn't throw away his creations and he liked my apology ATC.

Primrose Puppets...Roly Poly Rice Ball!
Yesterday at the Waldoboro Library there was a performance of the Roly Poly Rice Ball, a lovely Japanese folk tale. My boys were part of it, Jonas as a Mouse puppeteer, and Sylvan as the Special Effects Man. It was lovely, with handmade silk marionettes by Joanie and Cherry. And the boys did so well...Sylvan even remembered to stay hidden and take cues from his brother on when to bring the lights up! In this picture you can see the puppeteers as well as Sylvan, who was hidden from audience view, in the "backstage."

Art date with kids...
On Thursday, I borrowed a few kids (mine were at a birthday party) and met Robinsunne at the Rockport Library for a little art date. Never long enough, but we tried a few things. I have been wanting to make gel medium transfers of photocopies onto paper and Robinsunne shared a book she had on this technique. Still mostly disappointing results, but I am not giving up yet. The kids were experimenting with little doors and envelopes on cards. This has inspired me...We could have played for hours more, but had to get going back to Mommy-Land of timetables and schedules, etc.

Ten Things That Make Me Happy
I have been thinking of this series since I saw it as some headline in a magazine. Then with the added inspiration of little envelopes from Thursday, I decided to jump in. I have #1-6 done so far, so look for the set sometime this week! Of course I had some notion that I could think up each card in advance...Nope, they just come together as they will.


  1. I-
    It's so great to see what's going on in your creative life! The pic of the boys is just precious. Thanks for sharing all of this...expect an email from me momentarily. L- -c

  2. Dear Iris,
    What lovely posts you write! I loved reading about all of your creative activities with kids. What a special and very personal ATC you made for Jonas. I suspect he will remember and treasure it!
    -happy spring from Emily in Norway