Thursday, March 20, 2008

Creative Community

Awakening Mother Earth is the dramatic and musical interpretation of the coming of Spring (and how LONG it takes here in Maine), directed, written, and organized by the talented Kathryn Oliver. Kathryn is partnering with the Rockport Library this year and we'll be performing the show during the first weekend of May, the 3rd and 4th. Kathryn has the wonderful gift of being such a humble creator with such a large vision...AND the ability to manifest that vision into a community production. Did you notice that I used "we" a little while back? Well, I am going to be helping to lead the chorus part of the event---mostly parents who have children in the production. I am trying hard not to be nervous about numbers of singers, leading folks in song, etc. but trusting the process! Kathryn is a great coach in this.

"Are You Open, Emotionally?" above, is something I made a few weeks ago, one of those cards that needed very little help from me being born into form! I had found the image and saved it in my bulging plastic organizer, full of "things I might use later," and then it took a few days until I found the quote that seemed right. But as soon as I saw it, I knew.

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

Below, find "#8: Real Mail" complete with a tiny envelope that I penned my return address on. (I am longing for a new camera so I can take really good close-ups of these details, I'm sorry.)
Below, "#9: Dreaming of Spring," with words by Maurice Sendak from Chicken Soup with Rice.
Art Date with Kimberly!
It was fabulous...we were cozy by the woodstove, sipping (tea), snipping, and clipping and having a blast. I made several cards but you'll have to wait and watch for them soon when I get them digitized! Somehow it's easier for me to get in the flow (and out of my head) when I am working with a friend. Since we're chatting, I guess things just seem to come together in a very organic and natural way. I am not trying too hard, but just having fun. Terrific way to spend a cold and icky rainy morning.

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