Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Knitting Update

Have you been wondering how those "knit 2-socks-at-a-time" socks are coming? Slowly, but surely. I really like the process so far, but as you can see, I am still on the leg bit (always the easiest). I will let you know how I fare when I turn the heel and get into the heel gussets (always the most challenging). Aren't the colors amazing? Yes, both socks are really coming from one ball originally! The waffley pattern is from the book by Melissa Morgan-Oakes, 2-At-a-Time Socks that I mentioned in an earlier post. When I am knitting, I feel like I am watching two favorite movies at once!

ATCs have changed my life!
Well they really have, in many ways...I was getting a bit tired of always having to nag the dining room table into cleanliness, cluttered as it was with art in process. So I remembered my dear drafting table, just sitting upstairs as a glorified shelf. And then I had to move it RIGHT AWAY, using my abs (not my back, thank you very much, Kimberly!), and wrestling it down the stairs. Then there came the tricky bit, rounding a very narrow corner at the base of the stairs. When Joanie called I had to extricate myself from a very strange position inside the cage of the desk! But the break turned out to be a good idea, because I was able to outwit the thing in the end and liberate it through the dining room and into its final position in the living room.

And of course I had a grand vision about how happy this would make Jonas. But he's such a good teacher, he was grateful at first and then provided me with yet another opportunity to remember that I can't decide how other people should feel (thank you again, K.).

And here is my teacher at work:
Do you just love it?


  1. Very beautiful Jonas!
    Love, Bumpa

  2. Wow those are really beautiful socks there Iris. I bet they were nice and cosy.