Thursday, February 14, 2008

A few more...

Valentine's Day
...And the boys are off to school already. Both enjoyed their Valentine's ATCs that Jake and I made. Surprisingly, no one was counting hearts or specks of glitter---just gratitude! Yay, a happy morning.

"Girl Peddling Cocoa Nibs" was a label taken off of a chocolate bar that had cocoa nibs in it! Doesn't she look like a saucy little thing?

I guess Camille de Roger was a fashionista in---where else----Paris in the 1920s. This came from a card my mom sent. It's on card stock scrapbooking paper, with a little translucent rice paper and some origami paper that Jonas shared with me. I titled it something really silly: "Odile n'aime pas l'herissons, n'est-ce pas?" ("Odile doesn't like hedgehogs, right?"

SAT Flashcards!
The series below was an experiment in using contact paper as a sealant, as opposed to Mod Podge. I wasn't wild about the contact paper effect, but they are shiny and smooth. Could have been the texture of the base paper also. There is some bubbling around the cut out words that seemed hard to avoid. I used a lovely fern stamp with silver ink; the paper in the first set is brown, in the second a lavender.

Here's the really exciting thing: On Saturday, someone donated these ancient (even the font looks old) SAT flashcards to the library book sale, which I promptly appropriated for the ATC swap group. Only I had to try a few out for myself. All of the gender words are masculine, so in a couple of these I changed that since I was bored of reading "he." On the back of each, I have given the definition.

"Plenitude:" She received the plenitude of power with her new appointment.
"Salutary:" By her every action she exercises a salutary influence on the class.
"Sanguine:" He had sanguine hopes that his suggestion would be followed.
"Altruistic:" His motives for acting as he did were altruistic.

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