Sunday, February 17, 2008

Still Knitting, of course

Knitting Socks 2-at-a-time!
Yes, I am boldly going where I haven't gone before and trying every knitter's dream of not having to knit a second sock (after finishing the first)! It's really crazy setting it up, but the pictures are great in the book, and it has a handy spiral binding (as all knitting books should). You use one 40" long circular needle, which looks absolutely nuttily long, and it was a real process getting my hands on one (I had to order out of state!). I am getting the hang of it, and loving watching two socks manifest at the same time. With the new Noro sock yarn that Joanie gave me, it's especially yummy---they don't look the same and that makes it even more interesting! "Better than watching golf," as Barbarina once sagely said.

ATC update...
Jonas and I had such a nice art date the other night. He actually wanted my advice, artistically, on designing some cards of his own. Knock me over with a feather! He is usually prickly about receiving any help or suggestions, being that he has such a clear vision of his own. It was a great Valentine's gift, to work with him.

These are two of Jonas's. At left, the word is "Enchanted." At right, is "Cozy," and it's my Valentine from him!

Below is one of my new favorites, "Ask for More Art." The lines of text at top and bottom are from a poem by Stuart Dischell, and read "I really did meet a blind girl in Paris once" and "She put on her lipstick in the dark." The scribbly writing is from the journals of Van Gogh. And what a cool advertisement for supporting the arts, that included the central slogan!

This one is "Birthday Fortune" and it reads "You are heading for a land of sunshine." So far, not yet, I will keep you posted.
And "The Warmth of Friends:"

This is my dining room table in ATC mode, actually it's already in the process of being tidied. So you can't see how messy and lovely it really is!Back to other creative endeavors of the day!


  1. I love it! So busy being creative. Do you still lovingly clean each one of your stamps after using it? Much love from Chicago!

  2. You are certainly daring in taking on knitting two socks simultaneously! I knit piles of mittens but find socks to be a bit more intense in requiring my undivided attention. (Something on short supply these days...) I am finding your blog to be so lovely and am just thrilled for you in starting your blog!