Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thinking of Spring

One more Valentine idea...for next year! Tricia sent me a link to this image on FlickR, from Church St. in Burlington, VT:
The subtitle reads: TAKE AS MUCH LOVE AS YOU NEED. Could we all remember to try posting these around our various towns next year?

Birthday Flowers from the Halls to accompany my Cambodian feast last weekend! The flowers filled my dining room with such a delicious scent of spring. I always forget when I am in the midst of winter that the outside world has such tiny smells during this time. Mostly the smell of moisture in the air. These daffy-down-dillies were like a pool of sweet-smelling sunshine.One of the inspirations for me to have a blog was looking at Emily's gorgeous work via her blog that comes to my computer all the way from Norway! I'm seeing this as a way to chronicle the things I do, not because I feel important but so that when I give or trade away my creations I'll still have them here! When I first discovered and fell in love with Emily's blog she had just chronicled a trip into town with her son, and they stopped at a flower market: a gorgeous image of purpley blue hyacinths caught my immediate attention.

Two ATCs that reflect a wistfulness for spring, still months away. I made these on that snowy icky day when everyone was home this week.

I couldn't resist the words for this one, "Seedpods trump iPods." Materials are origami papers, magazine clippings from a garden magazine, and that lovely fern stamp.

This one is going to be a birthday card for my step-mom. I fell in love with the tiny cottage framed by those gorgeous cherry blossoms. It looks like a place where I would like to run away to! The title is: "She Was Not Dreaming of Snowy Rainy Yuck."

Finally, a picture our our Christmas Tomten who I just haven't been able to put away yet with the other decorations. Perhaps when it is warmer and his coat is too warm he'll be ready to retreat! Right now he is on the window sill in the dining room with his nice smile, watching us eat and make art, look at bead catalogs, read, laugh, have fusses, etc.

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  1. Hi Iris! A new neighbor here in blogspotland. Congratulations on your new blog. I wish you every writing happiness. See you soon.
    P.S. I have a new ATC page on my website, (, and it has some techniques, and examples, and a surprise for you that you will get in the mail soon!! You'll know which one it is.