Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I have been making lots of ATCs for v-day. It was disappointing to me that both boys view Valentine's card making to be such a chore, when I have always SO enjoyed it. Oh well. We'll be making cookies in heart shapes today to fulfill the needs of one class. It's another snow day and we are all home!

For Jake, of course. I used a rubber stamp and little hearts cut out from a magazine that was showing a photo of doilies!

For the boys. Please notice that there are the exact number of hearts on each, both contain glitter, and their initials in silver. The one at right, for my traveler/adventurer, features a lovely image of the Great Wall of China. The number featured at left should tell you lots about the images that are included!

Birthday Fun
Yes, I was the birthday girl last week ("That is how it is, Alice. Your birthday is always the one that is not now." Frances the Badger, in A Birthday for Frances by Russell Hoban.). It was a snow day that day, too, for better or worse. I had a very celebrated day with my boys, and even had some time to make some art with Joanie while she knit. Joanie gave me some of Noro's new sock yarn, and though I usually am not wild for their colorways, this one really is special. Greens, purples, blues, and a little brown---Can't wait to get knitting. More on that later.

Below is the bday ATC I received from my sweet husband. Front side features some of my favorite things: red shoes, chocolate, and flannel nightgowns. Also: "back to waiting arms." He's a romantic...The flip side has this great vintage kitty, I'm sure from a card my mom sent.

Here's how my bday ATC from Robinsunne arrived:

When I opened it, I found this "An ATC for Iris plus some ephemera:"

Here's the front side, with a sparkly cake!

Here's the flip side, shiny red and gold, and referring to the fact that my bday shared the day with Lunar New Year this year!

...And the ephemera! Little papers, some pre-cut, some cards, stickers, calendar pages, quotes, and even a little Yogi tea fortune:
What a lucky girl I am! I'm already crafting a thank you ATC to send back to Robinsunne. We are definitely "having fun yet!" And now the snow is turning to little prickles of ice on my window.

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  1. Sweet! Love your blog Iris! Snow day for me today too...but not b/c of the snow, warm bed in a cold room just felt too good this AM. Skipping "Clase de Espanol" this morning...but can't call it a snow day for work, so I have an extra hour for a good breakfast and maybe even a hair! Love you dear...keep it up, I'll be watching. L- -c