Thursday, December 11, 2008

Art Date Hooray!

"Sarah's friends were doubtful about their chances of getting in." (That's a St. Nicholas chocolate coin wrapper on there.)

The kids went to school. The table was cleared and wiped, set for breakfast for two, with a candle. The woodstove was toasty. The cinnamon oatmeal was providing the aromatherapy. Kimberly came and we ate and chatted, then chatted and made ATCs together for a few hours. It felt like a day at the spa. It's amazing how the cards make themselves when you're not paying attention.
This series of three has little tea bag fortunes, with a word or two written inside:

This is a note to self, when my nagging becomes something...else, not necessarily physical. But words do take on different meanings, when the tone is considered. My tone is sometimes aggravated, annoyed, or irritated, especially when I have delivered the same message multiple times:
"All the comforts of your home:"
"Most likely to stick it to the man:"
"We're sorry..."Some of these will make their way into the envelopes with the ATC Jam cards, returning to their collaborators!

And because of my nourished morning, I am not yelling at the monkeys who are playing loud, roughhouse games in close proximity to me.

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