Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Busy Hands

Edible wreath by Joanie.
(She says: freeze the cookie cut-outs before you arrange them in the wreath form for best results.)

An art quilt pillow for E, Jonas's friend and previous recipient of this hat! The great thing about a crafty girl like E is that we have so much fun making presents for her...inspired by her craftiness, getting our own craft on. Jonas and I each made a side. Can you guess who made which?
Remember I mentioned that video by Traci Bautista? Well in it, she makes an art quilt cover for a book, and this is what got Jonas and I into the art quilt idea.
The beauty of it? No pins, no straight lines. Just fun. And perfect for a beginner like Jonas, because there are no mistakes per se.
We used scraps of fabrics and laid them all on some heavy weight interfacing in the designs that appealed to us. At the end, I finished the pillow sides with edging pieces. I love how different both sides are.
Busy hands around the dining room table with my mom,
my brother (who has a show upcoming and is finishing some pieces),
and Jonas and Sylvan.
And now, back to the kitchen: Prepare sweet potatoes, make pie crust to chill, make soup for tonight's meal. Oh and probably lunch, eventually. And so I will be taking a small intermission from blogging to enjoy the family that will be with us these next few days! See you on the other side of it. Enjoy peace and good meals with loved ones!

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