Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Unfocused, Sort of Productive

My most very favorite childhood ornament.

I don't have any sewing pictures yet because today I am still cleaning the house. But not very methodically, as is my usual custom, more random...getting side-tracked frequently by the distractions of laundry, starting a fire, the chaos of the dining room table, someone's underpants on the floor in the living room (small, with fire engines---not mine), making piles to give away and piles to throw away. But a lot of cobwebs are gone now. My side of the desk is orderly. The laundry continues.
Tonight, Alewives Fabrics has their Men's Only Sale Night!!! I went and picked out our holiday gift to each other: the ingredients needed to make a new quilt for our bed. Thanks to Rhea for the kind help. You know she thanked me for my post about the store and told me I really made the store look great. I had to reply...Ummm, I actually just snapped a few pictures of a store that looks great already!!! My hubby is going there after work, and the snowy roads be damned. I know why I married him.

So let me introduce you to a couple of my favorite ornaments:
Made by Jake's mom, aka Grandma Nance.

Made by, or painted by (or both?) Carrie. The colors are better in person.

We have a box of molto fragile ornaments by the amazing Hannah. The sleepy mousie with acorn head is nestled in a milkweed pod. And the hummingbirds...maple seed wings and pine cone heads?! Come on. Fabuloso!
The knitting basket.

I love the way the light plays through this one.

So back to my scattered-style clutter-clearing, cleaning sort of day. Hopefully I will have a nice morning of just sewing tomorrow! I have two more shopping bags to crank out!


  1. How funny - matching posts!
    I love your tree. It is decorated with beeeeautiful things-especially your most favouritist ever decoration.

  2. The ornaments are all lovely, Iris, each so very special. To sit by that blazing fire, sipping delicious hot coccoa, gazing at those beauties...can it get any better? These are wonderful days! Enjoy tomorrow and may you sew to your heart's content! XO, Ana

  3. Hey hey hey,

    Your man came in and you will be happy to know that I gave him this teeny, tiny black coat and said "Does this look familiar?", (thinking it was your SON'S) and he said "Yes, that's my wife's coat!"

    Girl you are a little slip of a thing!

    Who forgets her jacket.

    In the fabric store.


    I'm going to have to dial it back, because it's too COLD for this forgetting-your-jacket business!

  4. Your photography is so lovely.. beautiful colours and interesting angles.. it's such a pleasure to look at.

    You really are lucky to have snowy christmases... the mid winter symbolism means so much more when its season-appropriate.

    I always think it looks wildly out of place here mid-summer but people enjoy it anyway..

  5. I love you Iris! And your sweet tree...