Sunday, December 7, 2008


Check in on the 100th Post...there are some newly uploaded rocking ATC jam cards. I was so touched that Kristel of Vlijtig included one of her ornaments for me to cut and glue! Thanks, Kristel! And thanks again for all the 100th Post ATC Jam participation. Art in the mail is the best.

First time making chocolate buttercream.
Over a pound of butter + Over a pound of chocolate = Super Rich. Delish. The birthday party cake!
First sticking Snow of the season!
The chickens are always a little surprised and hesitant.
Tea Towel Apron!
A little experiment, inspired by APA's gorgeous little cafe apron. I kind of covet it. So I took matters into my own hands today and used this linen tea towel to make an apron. My hope is that with a tea towel attached to my person, I will not always be on the wrong side of the kitchen with wet hands.


  1. Iris, the tea towel apron is FABULOUS! Love it, love it! And that birthday cake, oh my. Too yummy. What wonderful days and inspirations we know! XO, Ana

  2. What a yummy looking cake!
    Happy Birthday to Jonas!


  3. Oh you have inspired me with your little tea towel! I have a vintage 1950s white and blue tablecloth that will be an apron by the end of the week. I, apparently, am much larger than you and require the extra yardage of a tablecloth. So Sad.

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