Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Inspired by A Year of Mornings:
Sylvan's toast ends, with locally made blueberry jam bits.

This is how our kitchen counter usually looks. A bit of messy clutter, including things like puzzle pieces (the clever 10 year-old has done the puzzle twice and I am completely stymied by it), colored pencils, my new favorite cookbook (breakfast reading), someone's balled-up drawing, receipts, lists, etc. There's nothing I like more than a clean expanse of kitchen work space, but it never lasts long.
I started cutting fabric for the quilt! And already made one cutting error that I will need Alewives Girl's advice on, eventually (a piece that was meant to be 6.5x10.5 and is actually 6.0x10.5---ugh). And do you notice in the background---my new cutting guide and super duper rotary cutter? Total pleasure to have nice sharp good tools to use.

I wonder how I will decide which pieces to put next to what? I am so in love with these fabrics that my heart sings each time I see them. (This is also how I describe the feeling of seeing my husband and kissing my children, so it's pretty good.)

Blessings on your new year. May it be filled with balance, joy, creativity, and laughter. And also maybe superhuman powers of organization and discipline. (That's what I am manifesting.)

1 comment:

  1. Oh, you are in BIG trouble...

    Just kidding!

    The 6.0 instead of 6.5 is a common flub-dub.

    You can get away with it, though.

    Come see me sometime and I'll talk you through it.

    Happy New Year's!!!