Sunday, December 14, 2008

Preparations All Day

Christmas cookies by Sylvan. He went in big for massive quantities of colored sugar (surprised?) and in the top photo if you look carefully you can see a pair of red-sprinkled Christmas Pants, of his own making.

Another productive Sunday, filled with the smells of butter and sugar. Not so much a day for crafting, though. But housecleaning and readying ourselves for the family that will start trickling in next Friday and trickling out the following weekend. It will be family from both sides and we really do enjoy them all. I am a little sad to be working a few of those days, but it will be a nice calm change from the scene here at home!

This man, my husband Jake, is in charge of the meals and menus.
He loves planning out things in charts, dates, numbers of people present, etc. This photo is from a series where he was practicing looking cool and aloof in photos, getting coached by one of the best men for the job, Ryan.
Here's my mailbag for tomorrow; I hope you are not in line behind me at the PO, it might be a long wait. Packages for four different destinations. Eichenlaub Annuals beginning to make their way out into the world. I have been pining for a large stapler and on three occasions had the opportunity to borrow one...and forgot. The Annuals are slow to staple with just a standard size. Sorry to whine.


  1. Sweet Jake, looking so very cool and aloof! Wish I was part of the "visiting" group! Miss you guys!

    BTW...side note:
    The word I have to type to submit my comment looks like some kind of new drug: "traxopam"

  2. That christmas baking looks deeeelicious. And coloured sugar!? I have never seen that in NZ but it is so sparkley sweety beautiful!

  3. Yes .. your husband looking very much "the man". My husband always looks very much "the teddy" no matter what.

  4. I made the blog!!!

    Jake needs to work on the aloof eyes and pouty lips, but he was making good progress.

    I love you guys! Thanks for incluing me in that amazing day, and thanks for have a son born on my birthday - he is headed for greatness, and I like to think that sharing my birthday has something to do with that.

  5. Oh yes, Mr. Eichenlaub, looking cool....aloof...and...very, very Jakely.

    Tell me more about the Eichenlaub annuals!

    Snow, wonderful snow - I arrived in Maine on the night of the 20th and spend the 21st totally hunkered down, totally snowbound, totally enchanted, in front of a roaring fire and twinkling Christmas tree in Trenton.

    I miss you guys hugely. I've been away from a computer for two weeks, so am just catching up.
    Hugs and more hugs to you all.