Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Weekend Off

Here's a Sunday morning sweetness.

Sylvan: Mom, what day is it?
Me: Saturday.
Sylvan: No, what's the date?
Me: January 10th.
Sylvan: [gasps!] What? Today's Ducky's birthday!
So he threw her a lovely afternoon party, just like that. Tea, carrots, little cookies, place cards, and a part hat for the birthday girl. Polly (our doll friend from across town) even made the trip over, bearing a gift and card and a bag of wild sequined and colorful fabrics.
You know, there are so many people that I have been telling about Alewives Fabrics who don't know about it already! I am always so happy to spread the good word. The other day I even shyly showed my post about that lovely store to a library patron, when we started chatting about her quilting books.
Here's the quilting update...All of my squares are sewed together and I laid them all out on my bed yesterday to figure out the order of what should go where! It was sometimes hard, my eyes felt like they were doing spirals, making sure there was balance and overall visual appeal and no two fabrics that were the same touched, etc. They're carefully set aside, waiting to be sewn into a quilt top!
And I realized I didn't have the right knitting project on my needles. I have three WIPs (works-in-progress) all of which require my complete and full attention every minute; we don't get that kind of knitting time around here much. So here's a cap for a baby due this month, a lovely Norwegian pattern (translated), and picture a little face peeking out of a pointy peak! Here's a side view:
And here's the Mister, at work on his own Sunday morning knitting:
Hat three in a series of twelve he is aiming to complete by next year.


  1. Hi Lady,

    That looks sooo snazzy!

    I'm very happy for you and even happier to see that you've got yourself a REAL man who knits. Ollie took my needles from me one day and completely blew my mind when he was able to knit PERFECTLY just by watching me do it. He's left-handed (need I say more?).

    Thanks so much for spreading the good word and keep up the good work and I'm so glad you're having a great Turning Twenty experience!!!

  2. Wow...wish I could be more like Sylvan...throwing an impromptu party complete with tea, carrots, cookies and place cards! Me? A casual get together has me over-worrying days in advance.

    From the looks of it Ducky has had a bit too much "tea" (wink, wink). My kinda girl...if you can't celebrate at your own birthday party where can you celebrate?

    I am LOVING the quilt! You are SO productive Iris...if it were me I would still be showing people my stack of little fabric squares. Oh, and such a sweet baby hat!


    Love to all!

    PS- Got a "great bag!" comment today while I was out and about...Yep! Great bag!

  3. You know when I was on holiday, musing, looking out into space, not thinking of much at all, suddenly from the depths of my subconscious an image of a foot, with rotten toenails and leeches crawling across it came to mind.

    That post clearly made a deep, deep impression.

  4. oh, what a sweet little party! and gorgeous quilt and delicious knits!

    you are very gifted at presenting a romantically-lived life, my dear!