Sunday, January 25, 2009

One Morning in Maine

...the icicles outside the kitchen window looked like this, as the sun was rising.

I am gathering the contents of a package I am sending over a continent or two (depending on which way the mail goes) and across at least one ocean. It's a fun blogging swap! I am always interested in swapping, and the way we worked it out this time was to think of what could be made in about an hour...since we work in various media. I liked that way of doing it. And if you follow that aforementioned link, make sure you read this post about Nigel the robot who is always the life of the party.

The cute hat is complete! And I do wish I had some small ball or a tiny model head to show it on. I think the 3D effect would be delightful. It's a nice soft alpaca-silk yarn from KnitPicks. And I liked the pattern so much, for ease of completion, for just enough thinking knitting, for sheer cuteness, that I am already beginning a second hat. For some girl baby, with PINK, since I had no reason to knit pink for my own children. Someone will have a girl, somewhere, I hope.
Jonas made the butterfly cord for the ties. I have no idea how to do it myself, but it's something he learned in school.
We have to import our flowers here right now, but oh that color is such a feast for my eyes. (Notice the photo in the upper left corner? The very one that my brother used for his portrait of Jonas and I!) We're the care-takers of the flowers this weekend---they were given to Mr. E's class on Friday after their stellar performances of two marionette puppet shows. They wrote their own scripts inspired by African folklore, wrote musical accompaniment, and made their own silk marionettes! Here's a small taste, from How Monkey Got His Tail:
And I have been meaning to introduce you to a new blog, Totally Smitten Mama, and this amazing post in which she details all of the amazing crafty items she made for Christmas with/in-spite-of her three boys and pregnant wife! Those adorable little wooden peg people just about make me swoon whenever I see them.


  1. Hi Iris!

    I've been meaning to write for weeks now, it seems, and am only now just getting a chance to. Most of my blog reading, happens while I'm nursing Zeb and I don't have my hands free for typing. So I write out responses in my head, and then very often forget to go back and actually WRITE them. But I'm so glad that we've been reconnected and that you found my blog and that I've found YOUR amazing blog! I've been having a great time reading up on you all, and can't even imagine how Jonas and Sylvan have gotten to be so big (and they really seem lovely, and I'm now so excited about what our life will perhaps be like in a few years). I had never heard of ATCs before, but am now quite intrigued. And the quilt top is AMAZING! I'm trying to make my first ever quilt (for the Junebug baby), and I hope it turns out as well.

    I hope we get to see you in a few weeks too! What fun!



  2. Lovely are the icicles in Maine! You certainly have captured some winter beauty with your good eye and camera.

    The little striped hat is so darn cute!

    Hope you are all having a great weekend!
    ~emily XOXO

  3. Oh how exciting! I posted my parcel on Saturday and it was so fun putting it together!
    It is wonderful seeing icicles when we are in the middle of summer- they look so beautiful and exotic. And that little stripy hat is just gorgeous.

  4. Hey Iris,

    Those icicle pictures are GORGEOUS!!!

    Stay cozy and warm in this weather we're about to have.

    I bet you'll get a snow-day and get lots of kuh-nitting done!!!



  5. hey there! i love your blog. thanks for visiting mine! you are from maine too! yay!