Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Autumnal Bounty::1

It's been ages since I have been here! Mostly it's the balance of school and work and kids that's getting me. But as you can see, we have been busy in the world. Look at all this color!

silks for sale!
needle-felted doll, hand-painted masks, felt crowns, handmade buttons!
Jonas and his friends had a successful business venture at the Common Ground Country Fair, selling their wares at the Youth Enterprise Zone, which you read about here. There was a lot of group process, mostly by the kids themselves, as they worked out details of the display table, how to keep track of inventory, how to price, etc.

notebooks and pouches
made from recycled plastic shopping bags!
And they did it so gracefully and collaboratively. They made change for customers, worked in shifts, and lowered prices when the afternoon rolled around.
oh! the needle-felted owl!
costumes, aprons, tunics!
beautiful wooden swords!
I don't know why I was surprised that when I looked at their table of wares, it was all stuff that the children have grown up playing with, the essential play things: dress-up, play silks, and wooden swords. It was lovely to see them create such beautiful things that have so much play value.

And in other news, our winged friend hatched and took flight. I, of course, was worried for him/her because the hatching preceded a week of very windy and rainy weather and a low pressure weather pattern. But within a couple of days, this small creature took flight.
Who am I to doubt nature?!
Isn't it fascinating to see what was left behind? This one's for you, Carrie.
Finally, check out my new hair accessories from Orange Iron Fabrications, aka my friend Kate. They made me happy all day long yesterday. So fun and her colors are amazing. Just visit the etsy site if you need a little color therapy, come winter. (Or better yet, you could buy something and bring that color home!)


  1. That looks like a great fair- I love that needle felted owl but my small companion looking over my shoulder liked the look of the swords. Happy Autumn!

  2. When I read, "I don't know why I was surprised..." I expected an observation that they sold out! We'll have to go on Friday next year so we don't miss out!
    And suddenly, seeing those flowers in your hair - I think your friend Kate is a friend of a friend. Let's compare notes!