Thursday, December 30, 2010


Herod couldn't get near the place

The fusion of families, of people we love, of all my folks (4 in total) and his folks (they're still married to each other!), of friends who come and go unexpectedly as well as those who last, the fusion of a staunch traditionalist and his tradition-less wife, the fusion of food and many hands, and finally of plastic and Waldorf and technology and wood.
The fusion of cowboys, knights, Indians, the Queen's guard, and WWII soldiers.

The fusion of the Force (old and new movies) with the lovely Star Money candle tableau.
Does our philosophy about technology for children change now that it is infiltrating our lives a bit more, with certain 12 year-olds who now have certain devices, gifted by certain relatives? Nope.
How about plastic toys? Yes, we have them alongside our wooden ones, and they are frequently integrated by our children in their play. How else could you build a ramp for the 20+ year old matchbox cars that have survived the years of Demolition Derby, enacted in this very hallway? (Well, OK they're not plastic, are they, if they lasted this long; they are the good, old school metal variety.)
Many hands made light work of the Lego White House model.
So. Fusion. And compromise and integration and limits and boundaries. And flannel pajamas warmed up by the woodstove.


  1. love it.....and you. x.

  2. Wonderful!
    Reminds me of Dar Williams' song "The Christians and the Pagans"

  3. Iris that is majorly Beautiful...!!!

    It was indeed a lovely Christmas...
    While at Seth and Donna's I realized how we are the keepers of family and the passer on-ers of tradition to the next generation(s) and how its' all continued down through the sands of time... (I feel like the cowboy in the Big Lebowski...) Ahh shucks listen at me... But with all the grandmas gone who used to come regularly to our Christmas gatherings... I realized that now, we is it man!!! That little house there in Northampton where Seth and Donna are renting was filled with 3 generations... and Nancy and I being the oldest... well it just felt good for one thing, knowing that we all love each other, and two, it's simply our turn to BE IT (for a little while). I'm just really happy we can take some consolation in that - "I take some consolation in that, knowing he's out there, takin' er easy for all us sinners." shucks listen at me - down through the sands of time...