Monday, January 17, 2011

January blahs

On the up side: the fabric was gorgeous, the cross country skiing delightful, and the women's sauna was divine.
new apron for a good girlfriend
a pre-teen deep into the world of fantasy
new sewing corner,
with adorable fabric and little lights by Joanie
new pair of dashing mitts for my brother, who lost one,
modeled here by Mr. Crafty
(I made a few mods on Ravelry)
Christmas jammies,
modeled by two silly boys

Sometimes when your child falls into their snow fort and can't get out, you have to say: Wait just a minute, let me get the camera!
Can you see the crocodile tears here? He really was stuck, but not so traumatized as all that.

I'm just not quite myself lately and feel like going far far away to a nice warm beach. By myself. So, sorry if I am out of blogland lately. Tell me how you cure your winter blahs.


  1. I completely understand. I have been a little stir crazy lately- disgusted by the christmas clutter, I guess. I went on a purging spree, which has made me feel a little better. I've also been knitting a lot. Keep us posted....we might need you to pull us out when you get out!!!

  2. Come and visit us Iris. We live half and hour from a beautiful swimming beach. It's lovely and warm here but not too hot (say, late 70's to early 80's) and we'd love to meet you in person. Thank you for our christmas bulletin which we very much enjoyed. Your kids say some very funny and charming things.

  3. Hey well we have some nice warm beaches over here, all ready for you! It's so strange and funny to think of the other side of the world in winter when we are in summer. At the moment my mind is taken over with preserving plums and peaches and tomatoes and I can scarcely remember what it felt like to be cold.
    I'm sending you warm, sunny, summery thoughts Iris!

  4. Oh, I'm sorry you're feeling blah--I thought this was a beautiful post. So many lovely things. I love your gorgeous apron fabric and the sweet little lights in your sewing corner.

    Winter blahs hate knitting and hot cocoa. It will drive them right out of the house! It's a great combo. Just a few weeks to go, then it will be March. :)

  5. How about...
    - Schedule some dates with people who always lift your spirits, and do some crafting together. ATCs, perhaps.
    - Spend more time with children who are small and adorable, and don't live in your house.
    - Take lots of Vitamin D !!
    - Ask your local herbalist for a special mix just for you.
    - Go to a city and look at art, do some people watching, look in fun store windows, and eat some interesting food. Even for a day.
    - Buy some gorgeous fruits and vegetables to enjoy looking at while you eat them.
    - Go sledding on a really good hill, with children.
    - Know that you are loved!

  6. I heard I missed you yesterday (boo hoo!)

    I want to have kids of my own so I can leave them stranded in a collapsed snowfort!!!