Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quinoa Power!

My New Roots - How to Cook Quinoa from My New Roots on Vimeo.

I like to cook and eat quinoa (KEENwah) way more than my family would like me to cook it. Let us say that they are not fans. So when my friend Kate shared this video from My New Roots, I got pretty excited. THIS, finally, was the marketing campaign quinoa needed in my household! Quinoa is cute! Quinoa is groovy! Quinoa is beautiful! I love every part of this video. It's so cute that my teeth hurt in a totally organic, wholesome way.

"Guys, guess what, I have this fantastic video to show you! It's gonna knock you right out of your socks!" That's how excited I was when I called the boys to the computer.

OK, fine, the truth is that they were underwhelmed and not converted to quinoa through cuteness.

But on Mother's Day, the mother in this house wanted two things for dinner: beets and quinoa salad. (If I had included mushrooms and anchovies we would have hit all the most hated food items in this house.)

So we made a little quinoa movie of our own, with original music used with permission by our very own, talented, 13 year-old friend, Jamie. As always, Jonas was my gracious and patient iMovie tutor and filming assistant.

Ladies and Gents, (do we have gents reading this? come on gents, make a comment if you're really out there)... I give you Quinoa Power!


  1. Yum. Have you ever tried quinoa with spinach and cheese, like goat cheese or sheep cheese that's soft and bake it, and then top with caremelized onions?? I guarantee your family will love this.
    I love your blog and congrats on the fab video.

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