Sunday, November 20, 2011


I'd like to eat this plant.
I saw it at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, which was stunning even in November. They have a reflexology labyrinth made of stones that you are invited to take your shoes off and experience (M&S: we are going there together next summer when you visit!!!!) and a beautiful children's garden. Not to mention a stunning art show by dear Toki!

I finished Jared Flood's Cobblestone pullover, which you may have seen bits of along the way here. It is my new favorite weekend cozy thing to wear, knit from SeaColors by Nanney Kennedy. I like the side detailing in garter stitch.

Friends: I miss you.
Here I was spending time in this new gorgeous kitchen around dinner time with my dear friend B.,: two mamas and a 5 year old and a 1.5 year old, trying to navigate a beautifully photographed recipe for a garlic/goat cheese tart. Two adults felt like the bare minimum: baby holding, recipe reading, snack giving, chopping, etc.

This pot rack was made by my crafty, hip friend, B.---and she made the light fixtures too! With the red colander! Love. It. Helpfully, the kitchen includes a little workspace for small helpers: this creation turned out to be a Vegetarian Compost Tartlet made from scraps of dough and veggies.

My own Tomten (brought back from Sweden) has been awaiting this mushroom for about 30 years. It is perfectly sized for him. And how could I resist a craft kit of little Amanita Gnomes to go with?
Sylvan, mad crafter himself, has been busy writing instructions on how to make a Pine Cone Balm (Bomb) with earnest and fabulous invented spelling:
And some kind of circle weaving, good for making bracelets and anklets.
The craft is returning. Eichenlaub Annual is on my mind. Family photo calendars too.


  1. Oh my goodness... Sylvan's instructions are way too cute! Perfect for your annual, I think... I'd sure love to know how to make a pinecone balm/bomb! I love seeing your inspired artistic endeavors. I haven't figured out the circle weaving yet... it looks complicated, but I bet it's not too hard!

    Your amanita gnomes are too sweet! I'd love to take them to the reflexology labyrinth to exercise our meditative minds and invigorate our feet! Oh gosh, I'm missing you. And sending love to your and your boys, from just a little ways South. xoxoxo

  2. Hannah B! Love you so much, dear one! And OK, I am not so sure about the circle weaving thing myself but here's what I know. You have a disc with 8 slots around the edges, and a hole in the middle. You have 7 strings in slots, one empty one. Keeping consistent with your direction you are moving your threads in, you move the thread two slots over from the empty one, into that empty slot. Essentially the thread you are holding is skipping one thread in a slot and then landing in the empty one.
    Sylvan can show you when we see you!!!!

  3. Wow, the jersey is gorgeous, I love that colour. It's so cute to see all of the creative endeavours in your house, I always love your beautiful photos and especially those involving food. A goat's cheese and garlic tart sounds like heaven right now.