Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring for it

Ready for something new, changes big and small are here.

First, a new camera---and this time, it's right! After lots and lots of research, I discovered compact DSLR cameras, cameras designed to be small and light and fit in my hand, while offering me lots of creative potential and options. I am still getting to know my new friend, but I already feel quite comfortable. It felt right from the start. It helps that it's by Sony, the same as my old friend!

So here's me, playing. Look at that twinkle!

We are getting ready to put our house on the market, this dear sweet house which has been so much for us and that we have given so much to. Thanks to a good family work team, our garden beds are spruced up and ready to go: weeded, mulched, and with sweet pansies. Inside, we have been painting and purging and majorly de-cluttering (yard sale, piles for friends, and just plain old dump).

And taking pictures, getting ready to list it! It looks pretty swell around here! But whew, what a lot of hard work and long days. In line with our external space-clearing, we are also modifying our diets around here and cleaning out the insides too. It's been school vacation week with gorgeous weather for working indoors and out...bonus is that the blackflies only barely awakened before our outdoor chores were mostly done! 

I think I'm ready for a break from vacation. But it's felt really great to do this work.

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