Sunday, March 18, 2012

~early spring~

did you think I could resist these?

We had the Winter That Wasn't and now are having some lovely, warm days. The sun is strong, no leaves on the trees, so when you are outside it can feel very tiring this time of year.

Maple syrup time. An afternoon of helping friends clean their yard, stoke the fire in the Sugar Shack, watch the baby pick up pine cones, make sure no one chopped off their foot, and watching some very industrious wood chopping boys. (Worried GPW should avoid the following pictures!)

Notice the careful, wide-legged stance!

Also, some friends visited (baby feet, pictured above) and we caught up and played games and made yummy food (dehydrated kale chips were delicious, even Jonas admits it!), including some very rich and decadent chocolate chip cookies, as well as very delicious butter cookies sweetened with maple syrup. Here they are bumping elbows on the rack.
...Shhh! The computer is napping.

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  1. cchip cookie recipe please please please