Saturday, February 25, 2012

~4 feet~

(awesome shot, thanks Carrie)

We interrupt your regularly scheduled but annoyingly un-winterlike winter to bring you Florida:

Warm breezes, the sound of the surf all night, and playing in the surf. Me, playing in the ocean: a great joy of my life which I hardly ever experience, living in Maine. Spending relaxing hours at the pool, walking the beach, being with loved ones.

we made a sand mermaid with seaweed hair

Jonas reading:
Jonas reading some more:
After a full day of travel and airports and sitting, Sylvan was ready to run on our first morning there:
boy in motion

I didn't expect to like it quite so much, but the air and warmth and outside delights were so perfect. So easy. Why did I pack so many things when I mostly wore one skirt and a bathing suit? It's a little hard to get excited about going outside in the chilly, damp, brown world out there.
I love this octopus so much! A small one, maybe the size of a small dinner plate when spread out. It got shy of my low-light flash and sucked all of its limbs in and it was so fascinating to watch it roil.

So. Home now and maple sap time!

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  1. so beautiful beach! I want to travel here, the boy in the picture is cute! Your life looks very full indeed, and I can hear your gratitude, and I know it runs deep for many reasons. XO
    looking forward to all the good things your blog shares