Sunday, January 29, 2012

Craft Domination

I guess I operate under the expectation that there will usually be problems in making the vision in my head manifest in the world. I mean, why should that be easy? Usually the creative process involves angst, so I have come to expect it now. There's always a row that needs ripping out. Or a seam that the machine goes wonky on. Or some error in my understanding of the pattern that means I sew the handles of the bag totally the wrong way in, so that they are encased between the two layers of the fabric and not poking up and out, like you need them to be. Usually whatever it is, it's fixable. We're talking about craft, not organ surgery.

or in this case, snow jump creation:
realizing that the jump was placed too high on the hill,
not enough momentum to get over it.

Remember how I was tentative about sewing with wool? My concerns were about how it would iron, sew, how hems would feel, would it be bulky, etc. Clever Joanie suggested I make a small project to test it out. Her exact words were: "I think you'll find the wool to be a willing participant."

I liked the idea that wool would be a willing participant. And Joanie always has good advice.

So, driving home yesterday, I thought of a Keyka Lou little modified pouchlet (one pocket only), like these. Except not with a magnet closure because I need a carrying pouch for my little device; I have been concerned about the health of the device longterm in the pouch I made for myself with the magnet (because of magnets and electronics not being friends).
Nice aqua wool exterior and a little hedgie appliqué for practice.

The wool was indeed a willing participant. Hello? Dream to iron (with press cloth)! Like, one second with the iron and zoopzoop---as though it had never thought of a wrinkle! Love that.

The wool was easy to cut and easy to sew. It looked adorable with a little zigzagging edge stitching.

OK, but the button hole. I have maybe done 2 before, and it always makes me hold my breath. How does this thing weird attachment for my sewing machine work again? Did I measure my button properly? What is the appropriate amount of "ease" in a button hole, i.e. not too loose, not too tight???
I did a tester and it worked. This felt like a big accomplishment. Rocking the buttonholer!

The best part was knowing the Keyka Lou pattern well enough to modify it, when to sew in the button, and now, being a good enough sewist now to try something new, eyeball that button placement, do the button hole, and ----voila---little pouchlet!

I'm proud of myself.

And here is what happens if you lay the chia paste on too thickly on your Chia Obama:
Check out those hot eyebrows! And the hardened chia crust afro, with the little green shoots coming out!

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  1. I love, love, love the little pouch! Double love it! I can't wait to see it in real life, and then the's going to be so fabulous and fun! You rock!