Sunday, January 22, 2012

~fabric therapy~

I see that I am right on target with my January Fabric Therapy trip to Alewives. This year, it is only just now looking snowy enough to pass as winter which I am loving. I also loved my bright sparkly ski through the forest this afternoon through the fluffiest sparkliest snow ever.

But still, the pull of fabric is strong in January. The need to see all that color and lusciousness. I went with the idea of making a birthday project for a February gal.

Once there, I started thinking about how I don't have a single winter skirt made by me. I went over to the corner of the shop where there is yummy colorful wool fabric. I admit to being a little bit afraid of working with wool fabric, a new sort of animal and all.

At first I was being boring and practical, looking at neutrals. But my eye kept going back to this nice vintage-y aqua and imagining a lovely toadstool and hedgehog appliqué. I recalled the Kate M. theory of ordering at restaurants which is that you can dispense with the notion that you "Should" get a particular something, and just get what you want. Goodbye boring and practical neutrals. Hello, aqua wool delight.

And then there was the impulse buy.

I spied this little layer cake while I was nearing checkout. Little foxies. Little toadstools. Little Red Riding Hood. I knew that if I left the store without it that I would have non-buyer's remorse AND that it would get scooped up by other sewists in less than a millisecond. Carrie B. and I once discovered the perfect vintage Astrakhan wool coat in a Goodwill in Chicago, left the store, quickly realized we made an abysmal choice, returned to the store and BAM. Gone. Poof.

It will make a throw-sized quilt, is decidedly girly, and you know what? I say great. I will even share it with the gents around this place if they care to be swathed in pink Red Riding Hood and little toadstools. To heck with neutrals.
If you have not become acquainted with Vi Hart, let me invite you to discover her inspirational math/art doodles. We all have a little crush on her.


  1. I'm still mourning that coat...and dry airy sparkly snow is my favorite's magical!

  2. So glad you are having fun - those colours of yarn are just amazing! thank you for sharing.I need to learn to you!