Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Impulse to Make

When the spirit moves me, don't try to hold me back. Last week I saw the Lacy Baktus shawl on a friend and loved it. I was immediately obsessed. It's long enough to do a generous wrap-around, or worn over a coat, or on the head and tucked around.

The pattern had just the right mix of interesting, but not too interesting that I couldn't chat. This is important criteria for me as a knitter right now. I knew just who I wanted to knit this shawl for and knew just the right yarn for the project. The right yarn is a merino and alpaca blend from my friends at Good Karma Farm, in a colorway called Peacock Feathers: so beautiful, soft, and perfect for a recipient who wears emerald green like a queen.

While I awaited the yarn's arrival, I was itchy and twitchy and ready to start the knitting! It's my favorite moment of anticipation, of imagining the making, thinking about the pattern, yarn, any modifications I might foresee, etc. It makes the actual making that much more delightful.

Now I am knitting and loving it.

little fairies made by my friend B.
I am knitting for this friend because I miss her. The knitting makes me feel closer to her: I carry her in-process-Peacock-Feathers-Baktus-Shawl in my bag and it brings my thoughts and attention to her. I think about places we've been together and moments and ideas we have shared. Yarn stores we have visited!
There's no timeline on this knitting. It's just happening and will be finished when it is done.

As you can see, it is the season for cinnamon rolls.

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