Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The summer that kept going

Mini golfing. The beach. Gorgeous swims. 
In the words of Marcel
"Well, that's just how it looks right now."

If you are ever sitting on an amazing, uncrowded beach, looking at the gorgeous view and listening to the waves, and a small person offers to do your hair, you will be glad that you thought to bring your brush and your red leather coin purse full of hair-ties. Because this is pretty close to my idea of heaven.
awesome yellow owl, keeping watch over the golf course
There are two mini golf courses nearby us. One is the from-a-box, kind of pre-fab, boring and perfect kind (located at letter A on the map). The other is this one (it's located at letter B in the map). Privately owned and constructed, awesome and a little bit funky. One hole has a buoy suspended directly over the hole itself that you have to set in motion if you want to have a prayer at getting the ball in there.
If you are a snob about your mini golf "green perfection," you should go to the other place. Yeah, so OK, some of the greens here have wonky little invisible hillocks and sometimes the astroturf knap is like completely worn down, almost slick, so that your ball gains speed when it otherwise wouldn't.
It's all part of the experience. The other place has no bright yellow owls, either.
check out mama's form, 
tied for first place, thank you
Sometimes your mother wants a picture of you two together and your grumpy face is fantastic. (Smiling pics came later...).

Oh. And who is this guy?! This guy is clearly not my baby, he doesn't even look much like my ten year-old. He's a total guy's guy here, like a 22 year-old major league catcher who's giving a charming and articulate interview. Holy Handsome, Batman!

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  1. I know the family photos have more impact for you, but that first picture of the mini-golf hole seems just about perfect to me. Minimalism at its best. What a terrific shot.

    Glad to hear you're enjoying summer. My own (former) 10-year-old and I are hoping to head up to visit you-know-who at Moosehead Lake next week.