Monday, August 27, 2012

...and we're out...

Last night of summer vacay. Am I ready to go back to school? 

 Well. I love being on vacation as much as the next librarian, but I've just had so much summer, it's been so rich, we've been so lucky, had so much time together as a family and with a lot of people we love. It would be greedy of me to say no.
 The answer is yes, I'm ready to head into my new adventure.
  I'm full of summer.
It's been enough; perfect, really.
I've seen my share of discarded silver sandals and plenty of flipflops at the various ponds, beaches, docks, and parties we've frequented. And taken portraits of them when I could.
And I have one more Artist Profile for you in the works. But Urchin Goddess needs her etsy site set up first. Now she has the photos to do it! In the above photo, I am modeling one of her gorgeous necklaces. In fact we did a partial trade for it, for the pics. I can't wait to show you more.
~Lucky, lucky me~

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  1. We've had a tremendous summer, too, Iris, but unlike you, I am greedy and I do want moremoremore! I'm back to work now but that part's OK. I just want the flowers and birds and swimming and long days, breezy warm nights, and time to pause to go on longer...ah, well-next year.Good luck with all the transitions! xo