Monday, October 8, 2012

on names and naming

that is approximately 14 squash too many, 
according to my family
Here is one of my special talents: in our family, I am the Namer. Stumped on a name for your Playmobil figure or new stuffed animal? I can help. Chicken names? No problem. Upon seeing each of my boys in their first moments, I knew immediately what their names should be out of those preselections we'd made. It took Mr. Crafty a bit longer to come to his own conclusion, but in the end we were in agreement both times.
~~~Ladies and gents, I present to you our new vehicle! I knew two things when I saw her first in person: 1) she is a she, and 2) her name is TootleBug. Sylvan disagrees. He insists that she is a he, and that his name is…
Ron Paul. Yes, after the US libertarian presidential candidate. "But mom, I think they're alike." Pause. "Really? In what way, Sylvan?" 
"Well, because Ron Paul has strange ideas and our new car is kind of a strange color."
We have agreed to disagree on this one.
Are you wondering how my new job is going? It's going so well that every day is like waking up on Christmas Morning. Really?! I get to go back and do it all over again?! So. Much. Fun. Sharing books with students and making connections with students and teachers; most of all, feeling part of a learning community and doing my best to support and augment the good things that are already happening.Last week I had the distinct pleasure of teaching 10 classes of 8th graders (over 400 minutes!) about banned books, intellectual freedom, and how library selection policies work, in celebration of Banned Books Week. I love it.


  1. Saw TootleBug today! We drove by on our way to Morse's. Lovely color!
    BTW--as much as I love eating at Morse's, it's very hard for a gluten-free vegan.

  2. Tootlebug all the way. Sorry Ron Paul, although I like the creative thought behind this! So happy you love your new job. What a great feeling!

  3. Maybe it's a male/female thing, but I’m with Sylvan. That car definitely looks Y chromosome to me. (Also a male.) Sorry, Jane and Liza... who I presume are female.

    It's a man, in fact, obviously named... Ron TootleBug.

  4. Wonder if you do home visits and could help us with naming 4 identical chickens? Would love to see you in the Tootlebug! Seems like a good excuse!