Monday, January 11, 2010


Last Christmas I got a lovely present of yarn from my Poppie. It always strikes me as so very thoughtful when I picture a man in a yarn shop, making his selections...browsing, coming to decisions about color and yarn softness and weight. But the truth was, the colorway was a little too autumn-ish for my rosy pink summer palette, and I returned it. Poppie is OK with that sort of thing, so I got a big fat credit to a small yarn shop in Northampton, MA, called Northampton Wool (quaint, totally overstuffed/cluttered with yarn, and without a web presence or internet capability?!?!).

So I have held on to this credit for almost a year. Recently, post-Christmas, I had a brief visit south and found myself with time to browse there (without children, obviously) for a nice hour or so. Being post-Christmas, there was that gloomy sort of feeling of thriftiness about me, but the extra gift of this gift was that I could go in and spend money on yarn with complete abandon! What a thrill!

I picked out a generous selection and somehow left the store with $18 left still to spend. I picked out several small projects worth of yarn, since my knitting attention span is for short projects lately.
new socks for me, moi!
mittens for me, moi!
(that actually cover my chilly wrists, thank you very much.)
a "warm-necker" for Sylvan,
big bulky Tu Ragazza merino yarn
this is picture #1 before I ripped it out and made it 2.5" smaller
(size 13 needles, 34 stitches around, knit until it will cover a neck and mouth!
which was a little less than one ball for Sylvan)

And an as-yet-to-be-photographed brand-new hat for Jonas, in the Fibonacci striping sequence because he is my math-loving, word-loving boy. Do you remember Fibonacci and the whole 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc. sequence that appears all over nature and whatnot? What to do about silky hair that makes hats skooch up on the head, "brioche-style" as my friend Lis puts it? One way to do it is to nag your child to yank his hat down all the time, always such a charming option!

So, thank you, Poppie, and I hope you will continue to pick yarn out for me, despite the very fun time I had picking it out for myself.

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  1. Oh lucky you! I could spend hours in a yarn shop . . . but usually my husband is waiting patiently in the car so I try to have mercy on him. Love those wool...yet I'm soooo ready for spring!